Monday, January 20, 2014


Back story:

I've tried to maintain blogs several times before. Yet, this is the first time I've been nominated for the Liebster Award! All thanks to Furnaz of Beauty Classyfied (check out her very cool blog here, I still can't get over how clever the blog name is).

Let's run through the basics:

What's a Liebster Award?

I think of the Liebster Award as an encouragement award for newbie bloggers. Getting one helps us not only to write (which is already our passion), but try to make new friends. Some people forget that a blog is an account of personal views that we have decided to make public. They get lost in the crowd, and what's worse, compare themselves to "famous or successful" bloggers. Remember, they were newbies too at one point. They too had less than 200 followers and worked hard (if you want to call this work).

Anywho, this award is sort of like a chain mail with a good cause. Each nominee tags 11 other newbie bloggers, and this keeps snowballing, resulting in a gigantic, fluffy snowball of bright-eyed writers who keep our community warm and fun. 

What else do you have to do?

The Liebster Award is also a tag, wherein the nominee answers the 11 questions asked by their Liebster fairy. But there's a catch. Every link in the chain has to create new questions for their fave newbie bloggers.

My answers to Furnaz's questions:

*Disclaimer* Favorite questions are so easy to ask, yet so hard to answer. So, imma just go with my gut and put down what feels right, now.
  1. If all your makeup was taken away but you could keep 3 things, what would they be?
    Kajal/Kohl, a tinted loose powder (Mumbai humidity, yo), Lip Balm. Bam.
  2. Favourite fashion item…
    A good ol' pair of great fitting, worn-in jeans.
  3. Favourite blusher…
    Not really a blusher girl, tbh... I hope I find something, someday, though.
  4. Favourite movie…
    My default answer to the question is Juno. But I love too many movies.
  5. What/who inspired you to blog?
    I simply love writing. I always have. I studied science. (I hold an MSc in Microbiology, yikes, but I work as a writer.) This blog is my babble-board. It allows me to write what I want, when I want, without constrains. :)
    Also, I do love FleurdeForce and Zoella, who both happen to be vloggers now.
  6. Leather jacket or fur jacket?
    Leather, hands down.
  7. Tell us one makeup tip that changed your life.
    Follow the line from the outer corner of your eye for the perfect winged-liner.
  8. Best advice you ever received from someone… (Does not have to be beauty related!)
    "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that." What? Dumbledore totally counts.
  9. What is your favourite era in terms of beauty or fashion…you know like  50’s 60’s etc.
    Ugh. This question is so hard! I had to refer to my trusty Vogue book make-up by Juliet Cohen to answer this. 50's is my final answer.
  10. What is your staple party look- from beauty to fashion?
    Beauty: Dark smokey eyes. Tons of mascara. Red lip.

    Fashion: LBD. Black heels.
  11. If there was one thing you could buy (money being no object) what would it be?
    I'm guessing this is a BFL-related question. A gorgeous pair of custom-made, black patent leather Christian Louboutin heels. *drools* 

I nominate these bloggers for the Liebster Award:

Kayla Marie: Kay & a cup of tea
Ellie: Elephant stories and more
Aurélie: Aurélie
Travelling Cat
I also tag you! If you want, go ahead and answer these questions on your blog. Make sure to leave a link. And if you don't have a blog, leave your answers in the comments.

And my questions for you darlings:

  1. Who or what inspired you to write and share a part of your world online?
  2. You have time/patience for 1 make-up product. You grab...?
  3. Favorite genre of books?
  4. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  5. Favorite book or book series?
  6. How much water do you drink everyday? Honestly.
  7. Best gift you ever gave...
  8. What or who makes you instantly happy?
  9. Current style icon?
  10. On a scale from "Allergic" to "Rehab", how much do you love Nutella?
  11. What is the meaning of life? (Sorry, I'm an overthinker, perpetually stuck in an existential crisis.)
    If you rather not answer this, then just tell me your favorite 90's fad.  
This was oodles of fun. Merci beaucoup. 

PS: For those who are following my "Weekly Projects" series, I refuse to fail after just the first week. I am working on a piece, but it's not quite done yet. Spoilers: Music-ish + ink. Make of that what you will. I will post it some time before next weekend.


  1. Thanks! :) Your blog is lovely too! :D
    Elephant stories and more

    1. Thanks very much! Can't wait to read your answers and later blog posts.

  2. Thanks so much, means a lot! - can't wait to answer these questions in the next day or two xx

  3. Thanks!! I'm super excited to answer the questions soon! :-)

    1. I know you're primarily a beauty blogger, hope you don't mind my questions. Can't wait to read your responses.

  4. Thank you so much I'll answer all the questions soon I can't wait !!! :)

    1. Your blog is lovely and honest. :) Can't wait for your responses.

  5. I recently just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Plus I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and Dumbledore is amazing and totally counts. You definitely have a new follower in me!

  6. Hello! Thanks so much :) I hope you continue reading my blog! Your blog is lovely.

  7. Hi my lovely Ekta! I've answered your questions in my post: please check it out. Also, if anyone wants to be tagged by me, pls leave me a comment in my post.

  8. I finally managed to answer your questions, you can find my post here! thank you again for the nomination :P